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Count on Almada Painting & Contracting as your go-to specialist for impeccable drywall installations and repairs. Specializing in transforming interior spaces for homes, businesses, and industrial settings, we bring precision and skill to every project. Trust us to enhance your environment with our meticulous craftsmanship during construction or renovations.

We measure, cut, and install drywall panels on the walls and ceilings of a building. We always ensure a precise fit, accounting for doors, windows, and other openings.

After installing the drywall panels, Almada Painting & Contracting applies joint compound (mud) and tape to cover the seams and fastener holes. This process creates a smooth and seamless surface for painting or wall covering.

Our installers are skilled in repairing damaged or deteriorating drywall. This can include patching holes, cracks, water damage, or other imperfections.

We can install soundproofing materials and insulation in walls and ceilings to improve energy efficiency and reduce noise transmission between rooms.

Installers are experienced in working on ceilings, including installing, repairing, and finishing drywall on overhead surfaces no matter how big or small.

The finishing process involves sanding, smoothing, and preparing the drywall surface for painting or other wall coverings.

Almada Painting & Contracting has the experience, qualifications, and reputation to expertly complete your drywall project. We are licensed, insured, and knowledgeable about local building codes and regulations in Somerset and Morris Counties and our surrounding communities


Properly installed and finished drywall is crucial for the overall appearance and structural integrity of a home or commercial building, so our skilled and reputable installers will provide you with peace of mind for your construction or renovation project. Call Almada Painting & Contracting today for a free estimate!



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